Turn sick people into criminals

Due to cannabis, I have a good quality of life and am no longer taking pharmaceutical prescription drugs.

Editor, The News:

Re: A few bad seeds (bclocalnews.com)

Thank you for presenting a compassionate, factual editorial on the upcoming changes the Conservative  government is enacting.

How refreshing to see this attitude in the media.

I am a senior with multiple medical conditions. I have been a under a doctor’s care and a federally licensed patient for 10 years.

Due to cannabis, I have a good quality of life and am no longer taking pharmaceutical prescription drugs.

The side effects of the prescription drugs were creating havoc in my life. I spent most of my time walking around like a zombie and either sleeping or watching TV for most of the day.

Now I have energy, a clear head and am involved in my community.

Now I am able to enjoy my family and grandchildren.

Everything you said in your editorial is correct.

One fact left out is that Health Canada radiates the cannabis they sell to patients. That policy will continue as they farm out to big companies.

The government cannot tell us what harm ingesting radiated plant material will cause us as it has not done any studies.

We have a right to ‘safe’ medicine.

I know other patients who grow their medicine for $300 a month or less, but with the new regulations they will have to pay more than $3,000 a month.

When one lives on a CPP disability pension of less than $1,000 a month, this will be impossible.

The federal government continues to abuse and re-victimize our weakest and sickest.

Legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana is not the answer for patients.

Regardless of what happens in the recreational marijuana world, we need a separate model that allows us dignified, safe access at an affordable cost to our medicine, which includes allowing us to grow, or have grown, what works for us, or have our medicine covered by MSP, just as the chemical pharmaceuticals are.

These are bad laws.  Bad laws are meant to be broken, if it is in the interest of the public.

I expect we will see these bad laws broken by many and the government turning sick people into criminals.

J. Davies

South Surrey