Ultimately, who profits?

So who's going to police the federally regulated commercial medical pot growers?

Editor, The News:

Medical marijuana is not the culprit.

Does anyone with an ounce of  common sense think more legislation (read government cash grab) will do anything to lessen the existence of grow-ops currently operating in Maple Ridge?

The idea of coming down on the poor fellow who has a license to grow 20 plants for personal use is akin to telling someone they can’t smoke in their own backyard.

Making things bigger, more controlled, and downright clunky for the little guy is not going to force your dedicated-to-profiteering, wannabe-gangster into converting his entire operation into a trendy soy bean plantation.

In fact, regulation that will have the cops chasing their tails over granny green thumb’s little herb garden will mean the focus of finding,  shutting down, and busting true, designed-for-profit, grow-ops will be hampered by nit-picking bureaucrats  who want the red serge boys to follow up on every complaint or well-meant tip where there was a skunk-like odor, a suspicious pit-bull, or (God help us) young people congregating.

Which brings me to question period.

Who is going to be ultimately responsible for the federally regulated commercial producers?

Just saying federally regulated three times means hiring at least one more senator and creating jobs for at least two more ministers.

We’ll soon be paying for a new right honorable ‘Minister of Marijuana,’ and the right honorable ‘Minister of New Medical Licenses’ and all the flunkies that do the paperwork on just another top-heavy project.

It is succinctly understood that at least four people have to physically touch a government form before it hits the right inbox, so who tests it for potency or consistency? Who delivers it to the infirm or handicapped? What is a strict security requirement? Does that mean armed guards, black bears (oh wait, they didn’t pan out), or 18-year-olds with rocks in their pockets and a bad attitude. Does that mean a rheumatoid senior or a handicapped kid will get  busted if they don’t comply?

Oh, and who ultimately profits? And how?

Cause I want to sign up.

Randy Wagner

Maple Ridge