Value consumers above profits

'I value the respect of my consumers far above any profit I make'

Editor, The News:

Re: We do need more Warren Buffets (Letters, Nov. 9).

Quite frankly, your analytical skills are somewhat disappointing.

Considering the fact that I do have my own business, as I mentioned in the first letter I wrote, it’s becoming more and more obvious that you’re not really reading my letters at all.

Congratulations to your son and his friends. If they all managed to obtain a job that will actually pay them for the overtime they will be working so they can pay off any student loans, good for them.

However, something tells me this probably isn’t the case.

While I might be guilty of witty retort, I take pride in the fact that I do not have to lower myself to famosus libellus to get my point across.

I assure you, I have no sense of entitlement to any business profits other than those I make with my own two hands.

You mistake the wish for proper taxation and distribution of funds within society for entitlement.

Perhaps you should research Warren Buffet’s ideas before you agree with me again.

I have a small business creating high quality, original 3D assets.

I have one employee.

I really don’t need an employee, due to the nature of my business, but I hired him anyway.

I didn’t hire him for profits. I hired him because he was shot in the leg in Iraq and was bed-ridden for months and he needed something to do.

He came up with his own wage. What he felt was equal to the work he was doing.

He might not be the most skilled salesman in the world, but he’s told me he’ll back my brand without hesitation for life.

I value the respect of my consumers far above any profit I make.

Put people before profits, and your business will grow exponentially. That’s what I’ve learned and live by.

Wayne Clark’s article said everything perfectly. We must bring back the unions with a vengeance. We cannot have the corporations controlling the laws that regulate corporations.

Thank you for your article, Mr. Clark.

You know what, Mr. Banov? If you want the last word that bad, please, take it. I don’t want it. From what I’ve seen, it’ll be doing way more harm to you than to me, anyway.

Taunia Sabanski

Maple Ridge


Look at what you have

Editor, The News:

Re: We do need more Warren Buffets (Letters, Nov. 9).

Stuart De Jong asked how is it fair that income of the average rich increased a lot and the average of some poor actually decreased based on some limited statistical report.

Is it fair that a doctor makes more than a store clerk?  Is it fair that a hockey player makes more than a million a year? Is it fair for a businessman to invest his savings in a business and pay his employee less than what to takes?

In a true communist state, this is not fair.  In our democratic country, that encourages people to achieve their potential. It is fair.

The very poor, according to the UN, has decreased from 50 per cent to 18 per cent in the past 50 years. The middle class has increased in size and considerably in wealth. We have a healthier, longer life. We have more time and a ton more and better toys. The middle class did not exist for most of man’s time on this planet.

We still have people looking at others and saying they are entitled to have more of what others have simply because they have more.

Look at what you have.  Look at what you have gained, and if you want more – work towards that. Complain less about what your neighbour has. That would be fair.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge