Walking in a mind field of gob

Editor, The News:

Re: What’s wrong with teenagers today? (Letters, July 20).

I can relate to this same mind set.

Just the other night I was walking down Harris Road behind a teenaged male and his girlfriend. It was a scene that was nearly comical.

They were strolling along, shuffling, really, barely able to lift their feet off the ground, holding hands and chatting pleasantly to each other: “That [censored] at [censored] the store wouldn’t sell me my [censored] smokes cuz she [censored] IDed me so I had to snag a [censored] Old Port from [censored] …”

My guess was the Old Port cigar wasn’t going down well since the teenaged make didn’t seem to have the ability to take 10 shuffles without spitting (actually spitting sounds too energetic, he’d more tilt his head a little and drooled gob all over the sidewalk)

I would have found that whole image rather humourous in the fact they seemed oblivious to how ridiculous they were portraying themselves, but I found myself catching up to them fairly quickly; it wasn’t so much the barrage of F-bombs that disgusted me as it was that I was in flip-flops, walking through his minefield of gob.

He didn’t even possess the common sense to spit on the grass that was two feet away.

I couldn’t help but think some teens lack a certain self-awareness and even a basic awareness of their surroundings.

What a sad pair.

Then, the next morning, I went to my local grocer and watched an adult mother with a stroller exit the store.

I assume she didn’t like her Slurpee, given she spit on the sidewalk right outside the main doors, for all of us to walk though, on her way to her car, which was parked in front of one of the yellow painted sidewalk ramps.

Fact is, ignorance comes in all shapes, sexes and ages.

We’re all aware there are some pretty fine young adults out there, but this just reaffirms that cluelessness abounds.

Problem is, how does one talk sense into someone who isn’t a thinker? That, not age is what is wrong with some people today.

Bob Adams

Maple Ridge


Wasted potential

Editor, The News:

Re: What’s wrong with teenagers today? (Letters, July 20).

Regarding the recent sidewalk incident in Pitt Meadows, I would like to say my  heart goes out to Janet Veillet for the disgusting way she was treated by some kid with an undeveloped ego.

Maybe she looked like a rival gang member, or maybe she just looked like someone that this boy thought he could intimidate, and temporarily inflate his weak ego.

Whatever the reason, I feel sorry for the both of them.

For Ms. Veillet for having to be subjected to the symptoms of a boy who may have drive, but no direction.

And I feel sorry for the boy and the rest of  society if he is left to figure it out himself.

There is no telling how much potential will be wasted, and that may not be the only crime.

Someone mentor that boy before we gain another loser.

Grant Baker

Maple Ridge