We don’t want more tolls

Letter against a bridge toll for Pitt River bridge.

Editor, The News:

I was glad to hear the government restate its position on tolling, which is to always keep one free crossing open for every route. This would be the Pitt River Bridge.

Transportation Minister Blair Lekstrom did state he would leave it up to the mayors to decide on the preferred funding generators.

The mayor should know most people in this area do not favour tolling our only exit  west. This whole tolling issue was only brought up because the mayors on the south side of the Fraser River are upset about tolling the new Port Mann Bridge and they want to spread the pain.

However it should be remembered they have the SkyTrain in Surrey and also the cost of the Port Mann Bridge is going to be around $3 billion. We have the West Coast Express which provides limited service.

Peter Harris

Maple Ridge