Welcome back

Pitt Meadows Secondary is ready for the first day of school, even though no agreement between the BCTF and the Liberal government.

On Wednesday, the principal at Pitt Meadows secondary posted a message on the school’s website, welcoming back students and parents.

The site also lists the first day of classes as Sept. 2.

The PMSS office opens for registration on Monday.

While principal Mike Keenan acknowledges that the first day of school is not official, he explains that administrative and clerical staff have prepared timetables for students, and that those who did not receive report cards in June have been programmed in to the next grade level.

Keenan outright expects the dispute between teachers and the B.C. government to be settled soon.

He is excited to return to school and reports that the building has been polished from top to bottom, giving kudos to the custodial crew. Additional furniture and other niceties have been also been added for students’ enjoyment, and more is to come.

It all sounds so pleasant, unlike the relationship between the BCTF and Liberal government.

The two sides did meet last week, and mediator Vince Ready is monitoring the talks for signs of compromise so he can get more involved.

In the meantime, both sides agreed not to engage in public discussion. But then Education Minister Peter Fassbender went on the radio Thursday and started talking about his grandchildren and blaming the BCTF.

Members of the teachers union are meeting in Kamloops today to discuss their plans for September, whether they’ll return to classrooms and continue extra activities, such as coaching school sports.

Normally, they’d be setting up classrooms now.

Time is running out. Then, again, teachers haven’t been paid in two months.

We hope the best deal for teachers and students is reached, that Mr. Keenan isn’t jumping the gun on getting school started, and that students have all their supplies.

– The News