We’re fed up with money-grubbing municipalities

Editor, The News:

With the tax bill in for the coming year, no surprise, another $400 per year – on top of the $400 last year.

Did we see a corresponding increase in our actual home values? Not according to the market.

As if to add insult to injury, at least in our little enclave of Falcon Ridge, off of Cottonwood, the municipality appears to be on another revenue blitz this year –knocking on everyone’s door, looking for secondary suites, under the thin and unsubstantiated guise of “we received a complaint that there are illegal suites.”

A complaint from who?

Half the homes have suites, and the municipality is going to every home looking.

Some of these people require the suite to afford a house in this market and over-taxed reality.

What value have we received locally? A Band-Aid fix to a disintegrating section of Cottonwood, between 114A and 116 avenues that fronts the old district dump site. Still no sidewalks or lights on essentially the only route for anyone of this neighborhood to walk or bike into town.

I merely reflect the frustration held by at least 80 tax-paying, law-abiding families that are just fed up with the money-grubbing municipalities trying to pry their way into our homes and wallets.

Jason Feasby

Maple Ridge