What a travesty of justice

Editor, The News:

Re: Ranch hand charged in shooting (The News, June 1).

Harold Schienke has been charged with one count of careless use of a firearm for attempting to defend against a  criminal act repeated within two days.

I put forth the opinion previously that the criminal justice system, and in this case the RCMP, in particular, are clearly, patently and obviously incapable of fulfilling their mandate of protecting the law-abiding, responsible citizen taxpayer.

The most recent developments in this case seem to confirm this.

Seems it is easier and certainly more expedient to go after the soft-target citizen versus the more difficult  work of removing real criminals from our midst.

Had the police not been called after the first break-in, I could perhaps see the reasoning behind the charge against Mr. Schienke.

Unless there is information to the contrary, this is not the case; the police had been involved from the first incident and had failed to protect the citizenry from a repeat offence by the same thieves; ergo, I must be responsible for my own protection and safety.

Nay, nay say the law to that.

It would just not do to have the citizens be self-reliant.

This clearly sanctifies the notion in the minds of the criminal element that you, me and your next door neighbour are there to be merely victimized, and at the end of the day the criminal justice system will not only fail to protect that same said citizen,  rather it will choose prosecution should you defend yourself.

Mr. Schienke should be nominated for citizen of the year, while the criminal justice system and the RCMP, in particular, should hang their collective heads in shame.

Gregg Rogers

Maple Ridge