What a wonderful community we live in

Thanks to Maple Ridge community for rallying around in time of need

Editor, The News:

Sometimes bad things happen to show us how much wonder, support and love there is in this world.

I am one of the ladies, who lived at the 221st Street house fire that took our home last week.

I want to address the wonderful community that we live in: the support and care that was given to us; the hugs and clothing, blankets; the lady who let my son with disabilities sit as he had no shoes or socks; the lady who made and brought out coffee for us all; Marry Spann who, stopped from her day to turn around and help others come out of the house; the Fed X man who also called 911; the many, many, people who were there to help and support us; Saint Andrew’s United Church, which allowed us to use its room; the wonderful thrift sale staff who were so wonderful and supportive to offer clothes and toys for the family and babies; the many people who have been donating; the wonderful family who has gone above and beyond to help us in this situation.

Our community is so amazing and I am so grateful for all of the people who helped.

Thank you to everyone. You are all amazingly wonderful.

I feel so blessed to have been with so many wonderful earth angels in my time of need. Thank you and many blessings to all.

Joan Nielsen

Maple Ridge