What about Pitt Meadows council pay before?

Really, a 50-per-cent increase for a stipend since 2008?

Editor, The News:

Re: Pitt council freezes pay (The News, Sept. 19).

It’s amazing the difference an election makes, how one can change politicians’ minds.

After speaking with a few councillors in the spring of this year, none seemed to be getting the message from the electorate who pay taxes.

This comes from someone who enjoys having a beautiful community and is willing to pay for it.

But, really, a 50 per cent increase for a stipend since 2008?

Metro Vancouver needs to have a think, as well.

These are not private business CEOs, who can pass along costs to the customer, who can buy a product or not.

Donating the tax increase was no answer either, a bit of grandstanding, me thinks, as why where they not doing this before this increase?

There were early reasons such as ‘an independent committee’ again, but that still wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

Another being a study of  ‘the whole package’.

There was no acknowledgement of the ‘mood’ of a large number of taxpayers.

Sort of a ‘let them eat cake’ mentality.

Hopefully, some more citizens are going to come forward for mayor and council.

Annette Code

Pitt Meadows