What happens when no more ‘pot of gold?’

Editor, The News:

Re: Feeling a little ripped off in Albion (Letters, Jan. 12).

Bang on, Ian Strachan. I’ve been harping on that point for the last two years. 

I am decidedly pro-development, but am amazed that we seem to lack two things: a thoughtful plan in place that is not just the general guideline, which is the OCP; and a vision for community development that could be considered sustainable.  

Livable communities are ones in which, as Mr. Strachan points out, can access local services and amenities within the confines of their own neighborhoods.

Yes, we receive tax revenue from residential development through development cost charges and property taxes, but it also costs the municipality to maintain and upgrade the infrastructure as well.

Finally, what happens when we max out residential development and the ‘pot of gold’ at the end of the rainbow no longer exists? 

Development is great, but let’s encourage commercial and retail zoning to ease the burden on the taxpayers and foster intelligently designed communities so that we’re not spending most of our waking hours in the family vehicle dodging potholes and patchwork on 240th Street in a mad dash to get out to the nearest mall on the other side of town, or worse.

Grover Telford

Maple Ridge