What is the meaning of life? To be revealed later

Editor, The News:

Re: Science never can prove life’s origins (The News, Aug. 24).

Wednesday’s issue had a letter in it, that seemed to attempt to refute Darwin’s theory of evolution. This was in response to Dr. Marco Terwiel’s article in the previous edition.

I have to respond to this letter due 
to what I recognize as inconceivable, and erroneous statements, pertaining to this contentious and possibly pointless debate.

Now, my extensive 
education aside, it seems only logical to me, that given enough time, the scientific 

process or possibly a new and even more-advanced process of deduction and reasoning will 
answer the questions that currently puzzle educated people regarding origins of life.

However, the question of where life began is insignificant when compared to the question of where life is going. That question will be probably be revealed without witchcraft or science, but by time alone.

Until then, I recommend that you have faith – faith in our inherent evolution
 that will preclude intelligent people from becoming stagnated in the mist and mysticism of past delusions so they may continue to look forward, for that is where we are heading.


Grant Baker

Maple Ridge