What we need more of is ambition

Editor, The News:

Re: Plenty of skilled workers to go around (Letters, Oct. 19).

Taunia Sabanski writes that plenty of unemployed skilled workers are available. This is in reply to my letter in The News that we have a shortage of skilled and ambitious workers.

We have a surplus of unskilled workers and poorly skilled workers who must compete globally.

An employer will hire someone if they can make a profit from their labour or skill. Companies, large and small, exist to make a profit, not to provide someone with a job Why else would someone put their savings into a business?

However, many people feel society is obligated to provide them with employment. Companies do not exist to provide employment.

For someone to say they have a BA or some other costly educational diploma does not entitle them to some good paying job. Their skill has no value if that skill can not be used for profit.

I have seen a number of  skilled job seekers who are worth less than minimum wage.  A business does not hire someone because they have some paper degree.  They hire people to make a profit in their business.

A large corporation and a small store need people who can help them turn a profit.  If someone is highly educated in their chosen field and that field has little demand in the business world, why would they expect to be hired?

Skill is only one part of any employment picture. We have a shortage of skilled and ambitious people. Ambition is likely more value that skill alone.

Ambitious people will not sit around, hoping someone will provide them a job, or waiting for Baby Boomers to retire, or blame others for their situation.

It does not take a lot for a person find self-employment opportunities.

I have taught entrepreneurship courses in high school and found students have become, over the years, more interested in just being employees because it is easier. We need more ambition.

Ambitious people can succeed certainly better than those who just complain.

Dan Banov

Maple Ridge