When will municipality fix ridiculous intersection?

Editor, The News:

Re: Intersection frustrating. (Letters, April 20) I’m writing in response to Janet Mullen’s letter regarding the intersection at Dunn Avenue and Maple Meadows Way.

I agree fully with her comments and completely understand the frustrations of using this intersection.   I have often wondered why this intersection has never been safely completed.

Why was the left-hand turn lane barricaded off when it was working well?

And why have traffic signals never been put into working order in place of the make-shift stop signs?  The intersection is unsafe. (I have witnessed one accident.)

As  Ms. Mullen stated, people make U-turns in order to avoid driving around the block, just to get them back where they started from, not to mention how ugly it and the unfinished surrounding areas look.

This situation has been on-going for almost two years.

How much longer do we have to wait for TransLink and the District of Maple Ridge to find and implement a solution for a safe intersection for drivers and pedestrians?

Jayne Iwanow

Pitt Meadows