Why won’t kids help shovel driveways?

Too big an allowance from parents, or just don’t care?

Editor, The News:

Whatever happened to the good old days?

Finally, we have winter.

I, personally, love the snow, but then I don’t drive or have to commute long distances. But there is still the shovelling.

My 79-year-old mom certainly cannot shovel her drive or sidewalk, and her regularly scheduled outings with HandyDart are cancelled if it can’t get into her driveway.

My husband has both a heart and kidney condition, so his shovelling ability is limited, too; I have a chronic back condition, so basically I can shovel, but only for a limited time.

Back when my brother and I were growing up in Burnaby, to earn a little pocket money, we would go door-to-door asking people if they needed their drives and sidewalks shovelled. It was hard work, but we certainly ended up with some spare change in our pockets.

So what’s happened with kids nowadays? Too big an allowance from parents, or just don’t care?

We’re going out of town, and heaven help my poor mom if it snows that week. Neighbors don’t seem to care about each other either.

Where has our society gone that no one cares to help one another anymore?

Janet Veillet

Pitt Meadows