Wood burning good carbon-neutral heating option

A response to a letter from a reader who complained about wood-burning stoves

Editor, The News:

Re: Worst year for wood smoke (Letters, Jan. 9).

I’m sorry to hear that John Kelly’s neighbors may not be properly seasoning their wood or be using old stoves or fireplaces, as any wood burning stove or insert sold in B.C. since 1992 are EPA certified.

Responsible wood burning is the most economic and carbon-neutral heating available. However, blaming all wood burning is like blaming every car and truck on the road anytime a big diesel rig belches out some smoke.

Shrugging off the rights of the people who have already built a community and a life here as “myopic” is a bit much. Please don’t move here from somewhere else, then complain that the chickens are too loud or the cows are too smelly or the stores are too small or the railroad shakes the ground.

The people of Maple Ridge have built a community, not a suburb.

Richard Springer

Maple Ridge