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Summer party perfection: 3 ways to elevate your patio gatherings

From movie nights to beer pong championships, make your backyard the place to be this summer
Happy diverse group of friends enjoying dinner barbecue in summer at home terrace.

Summer is here, and it is time to celebrate! The secret to hosting an unforgettable get-together for your friends and family is picking the perfect theme. A theme helps keep your planning on track and easy to organize.

Try one of our favourite backyard summer soirée ideas for your next get-together and impress your guests with your hosting skills!

Summer movie night under the stars

Clockwise from top left: Portable table light, portable projector and a tabletop fire pit. Photos:

Nothing tops an outdoor movie night under a sky full of stars when it comes to favourite summer pastimes. Whether you're hosting a kids' sleepover, a family get-together, or just a quiet night in, an outdoor movie is always a memorable way to spend time with loved ones.

Start with a portable projectors – they've come a long way in recent years and can even be taken camping. Expand your snacking options beyond the traditional popcorn option and roast s'mores over a portable tabletop fire pit and keep the table safely but discreetly lit with some portable mood lighting.

As for keeping those pesky mosquitoes at bay? Rumour has it bubbles and lit freshly ground coffee may work, or play it safe and pick up some form of traditional mosquito repellent to ensure your friends and family can enjoy the evening – minus tomorrow's bug bites. 

Game day

Clockwise from top left: Electric power washer, floating beer pong table, waterproof speaker and portable meat thermometer. Photos:

Our favourite games are made for summer, from croquet and beach volleyball to bocce and, yes, beer pong – or iced team pong, for a family-friendly match. After all, no matter what's in the cups, it's really about a little friendly competition in the great outdoors.

Plan a multi-game tournament with your friends and family this season, with a championship game to close out the summer festivities! We warn you, though, this might accidentally (or not-so-accidentally) kick off a new summer tradition!

Investing in a faux grass carpet or another easy-to-clean outdoor rug can help keep the mess down. Just don't forget to set the mood with some classic patio lighting and a good speaker system! Investing in a power washer can also speed up post-party clean-up and of course be put to use for many other tasks around the house. 

If you have a pool handy, this  floating beer pong table take the game to a new level (we suggest keeping water in the cups though and having any sticky beverages ready to go poolside!).

The perfect patio party

Clockwide, from top left: Classic patio lighting, patio storage solutions, smokeless indoor grill and an outdoor bar cooler table. Photos:

Sometimes a classic backyard patio party is just what the doctor ordered and when done right, it can set the stage for a wonderful summer evening. Creating a permanent backyard get-away can make a spontaneous evening get together a breeze.

Set the scene with the right lighting, a little privacy screening and some affordable, practical patio furniture and a discreet patio storage box to keep blankets and pillows hidden from view and safe from the elements, and you'll always be ready to entertain.


Create a rooftop patio vibe right at home with this pop-up bar, ideal beside a pool or hot tub, and if you end up with rain in the forecast, you won't worry about a patio party rain-out again with a smokeless indoor grill, that lets you bring the backyard barbecue experience indoors – just don't forget a reliable meat thermometer so you can grill, smoke and barbecue with confidence! 

No matter which theme you choose, these ideas are sure to help you host a memorable summer gathering. So, get ready to impress your guests and make this a summer to remember!