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Bear at Pitt Meadows golf course stars in viral video

Bruin gets spooked at Swaneset Bay Resort
Golf bag spooks a bear. (Youtube/Special to The News)

The video of a bear that was spooked by a golfer’s bag of clubs in Pitt Meadows is going viral.

USA Today and golf outlets everywhere are posting the images of a bear that apparently doesn’t know what to make of the clubs standing in the fairway of Swaneset Bay Resort and Country Club.

Golfer Tim Jeves, a Langley resident, described how the bear was running toward him as he was about to play his second shot on the 12th hole at Swaneset. He had spotted it earlier, and having lived in the Cariboo, wasn’t too worried.

But then a golf cart spooked the bear, and it ran straight at him. It got his heart pumping.

“I grew up around bears, and I knew not to run,” he said.

But he scooted as fast as he could without exciting the bear’s preying instincts, and got out of its way. The bear stopped right where he had been, next to his bag of clubs, then scooted up a tree. Jeves stood back, and then got out his phone as the bruin, which he estimates was a year or two old, became interested and obviously anxious about the golf bag.

That’s when he shot the video of the bear’s antics, which somewhat resemble a cat with a new toy.

He posted a video in social media headlined “Stationary Golf Clubs Worthy Adversary for Scared Bear.”

Since it was posted on Aug. 6, the video has already been viewed more than a quarter million times.

The video has prompted a lot of speculation from Jeves’ friends about what the bear might have smelled in the bag, ranging from sweatsocks to his cologne.

Swaneset spokesman Troy Peverley, the vice president of West Coast Golf Group, said there have been bears on the course in recent years, and the club is working with conservation officers and the bear protection group Maple Ridge Bears.

They have removed all garbage cans and attractants on the course, posted signs, and have done public education, such as advising players to not approach or feed bears.

“We’re always concerned, and we deal with conservation on those matters,” said Peverley.

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