Local post top Fund Run times

Thomas Haney secondary’s Nathan Wadhwani was the winner of the five-km race at the 2011 Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation Fund Run last Sunday at Fairview elementary, while Maple Ridge’s John Graham took home the top spot in the 10-km race.

Wadwhani was racing in the U-15 division, while Graham was in the men’s 30 to 39 division.

In the five-km race, the division winners were Kaylee Stewart (U-15),  Ryan Brodowski (16-19), Ensiana Vandenbrink (16-19), Chris Pop (20-29), Michelle Leppington (20-29), Trevor Thiessen (30-39), Missy Sheridan (30-39), Ron Antalek (40-49), Gillian Craven (40-49), Anthony Leyland (50-59), Deborah States (50-59), Lorne Walton (60+), and Connie McRae (60+).

In the 10-km race, the winners were Nicholas Winship (U-15), Savrit Chauhan (U-15), Erik Lutsch (16-19), Michelle Forrest (16-19), Ted Carr (20-29), Saraiya Abdulla (20-29), Kendra Braun (30-39), Bob Mackinnon (40-49), Mindy Olson (40-49), Rob Lang (50-59), Lorna Pickerell (50-59), Garry Biles (60+), and Sam Denoni (60+).

The race raised close to $30,000 which will go towards the foundation’s commitment of $700,000 for essential health care equipment for the hospital, to fund programs in the community that encourage healthy living, and provide educational opportunities for medical staff.

More than 300 people, representing more than 20 teams, took part in this year’s event.