No soccer standings U-12 and below

Only at age 12 will soccer teams in B.C. compete for a league championship.

Only at age 12 will soccer teams in B.C. compete for a league championship.

B.C. Soccer recently  released a statement that there is to be no recording and posting of standings for under-12 and below.

The organization said this highlights its commitment to the Canadian Soccer Association’s Wellness to World Cup Long Term Player Development program.

The LTPD’s recommendation is that no league standings be recorded within the first three stages of development – Active Start, FUNdamentals and Learning to Train. These stages run between the ages of U4-U12.

B.C. Soccer said in a press release that it supports competition at all levels, and with the elimination of standings in children’s leagues, it is not intended to reduce the intensity of competition among players in a game situation.

The LTPD asserts that playing with competitive commitment and intensity is necessary to advance player development in ball technique, decision-making, mental concentration, and other skills.

The CSA believes young children will compete even in the absences of league standings. All young players understand that soccer is a game about scoring goals and winning.

“Simple observation of children’s soccer around the world shows that the absence of a trophy or league title does nothing to diminish each player’s desire to compete each time they step onto the field,” said B.C. Soccer in announcing the change.

“Across the country, this has been a topic of debate and we at B.C. Soccer wanted our membership to know our stance on this; the matches themselves will still drive competition for these players, but we need to distance ourselves from the win at all costs mentality,” said Luca Dalla Pace, B.C. Soccer’s LTPD liaison.

“I believe that this is a step in the right direction in the development of our young players,” said Michael Findlay, director of soccer development for B.C. Soccer.”

“Too many times, coaches will coach to win at all costs at the younger ages, so that they can see their team listed on the top of the standings, instead of coaching for the development of the players themselves.”

“The game will always have a result and competition is important on that day, but we must look at the overall development of all the players in our game. Standings over the season, in the most part are for coaches, parents and administrators, not the players themselves.”, said Dante Zanatta, technical director of Kelowna United.