Maple Ridge’s Shawn Allen, racing car #91, will be on the course this weekend at Mission Raceway. (Brent Martin – to The News)

Maple Ridge’s Shawn Allen, racing car #91, will be on the course this weekend at Mission Raceway. (Brent Martin – to The News)

Racing a passion shared through the generations

Mission Raceway action: Maple Ridge enterpreneur late to racing but anxious to excel

Racing is a passion Shawn Allen shared with his dad, and now it’s a hobby he’s sharing with his 16-year-old daughter Kira.

The 42-year-old Albion driver will be racing his #91 Mazda Spec Miata this weekend (Sept. 4 and 5) at Mission Raceway Park and his daughter – recently armed with her learner’s licence – will be right there in his pit, helping out and watching the races.

Allen holds fond memories as a boy of going to the Westwood race track in Coquitlam with his father.

“When I was a kid, I loved watching. Now, I am racing with a lot of the drivers I grew up watching,” shared the self-acknowledge late bloomer in the racing world.

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“I had always wanted to race cars, and when I turned 40 I figured it was time to get my licence and get started,” he said, acquired his racing licence in 2019 and never turning back.

“I do road racing at Mission Raceway in the Spec Miata class, it is a very competitive class with limited modifications allowed to the cars – which makes for great races,” said Allen, who currently sits in fifth place, hoping to move up the Sports Car Club of B.C. standings with three races during the coming race weekend.

“I love going fast and ride motorcycles as well,” said the entrepreneur who runs his own home automation company.

“After being on a race track, there is no way driving on the street can ever come close to the excitement of driving a foot away from another car in a corner. Driving in the rain adds another level of fun,” he added.

In his second race since COVID restrictions were lifted, Allen is excited about returning to the track this weekend, encouraging spectators to come out and catch the action.

“It’s a great venue to bring your kids and enjoy the day, bring a picnic lunch, and watch some great racing. I’d love to see people in the stands bringing their kids and letting them see live racing,” said Allen.

“I talk to a lot of people who don’t realize there is anything more to Mission Raceway than the drag strip, it has a great road course and recently started autox racing there as well.”

Asked about his hopes for this weekend, Allen said he’s looking “to be a bit more aggressive passing and work on my racecraft.”

Then asked about his bigger picture aspiration in the racing world, Allen said he plans to stick with it and hopefully keep getting better.

“I have started late and have lots to improve. I would love to see my kids get into it early and enjoy the sport,” he concluded.

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