Three-way tie for league lead

Haney Masters curling fall season starts

Three teams have moved into a tie for the league lead with unbeaten records as Haney Masters Curling began its fall session at Golden Ears Curling Club.

The rinks of Jack Stadel, Eric Holler and Clare Milaney ran their records to 4-0 in league play, as 19 rinks began their quest for the league championship.

Along with Mike Cavanaugh, Jack Duffy and Norm Sulz, Stadel defeated the Andy Ferguson rink, while Holler’s rink of Bob Asher, Bruce Stott and spare Peter England dumped Bill Gardner with a last-rock win.

Meanwhile the Milaney rink, led by third Hilly Boonstra, kept pace with an easy 8-2 victory over Jim Keenan’s rink of Wally Phillips, Arnie Melissen and Ian Strachan.