(Contributed)                                 A team hits the wall at Westview secondary’s Ultimate Fitness Challenge event.

(Contributed) A team hits the wall at Westview secondary’s Ultimate Fitness Challenge event.

Westview students take ultimate fitness challenge

Maple Ridge high school’s annual race ends with team clambering over a wall

Westview secondary held its 13th Annual Ultimate Fitness Challenge has week, with more than 100 senior physical education students, teachers and volunteers taking part.

The Ultimate Fitness Challenge is designed to test students in Grades 10-12, both as individuals and as part of a team. They work to complete a number of physical activities – a 2.2 kilometre run, 700-metre sprint, 100 m tire flip and weight carry, a then a second 2.2 km run.

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The endurance test ends with all participants working together to get over a 3.7 metre (12 foot) wall before running across the finish line in the shortest time possible.

In order to be successful teams must decide the best person to complete each event, train for that event and as a team decide the best and most efficient way to get over the wall as quickly as possible.

This year’s event was the first challenge that included teachers, athletic teams, and senior physical education students from Westview.

“The 13th Annual Ultimate Fitness Challenge went off without out a glitch,” said school phys ed teacher Greg Brock. “Beautiful weather, outstanding teamwork and cooperation from everyone involved. Congratulations Westview secondary students, staff and volunteers. You truly have placed your mark on this years event.

He said next years eventcould possibly get even larger and more competitive with entries from other secondary schools in the district.