Letter to the Editor

LETTER: ‘Never heard so many planes’: Reader

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  • Sep 2, 2020

LETTER: More aerobatic pilots welcome to practice over Maple Ridge

This Webster’s Corners resident hasn’t really noticed any uptick in air traffic

  • Sep 1, 2020

LETTER: Why don’t students and teacher require testing before entering school?

Letter writer feels Dr. Bonnie Henry is enforcing more restrictions on measles than COVID

  • Sep 1, 2020

LETTER: Skeptical of Maple Ridge mayor’s smiling demeanour

One letter writer questions where the real Mike Morden, with his ‘perpetual scowl,’ has gone

  • Aug 30, 2020

LETTER: O’Toole just a Canadian version of Trump

Reader not impressed by MP Marc Dalton’s ‘bromance’ with the new Conservative leader

  • Aug 27, 2020

LETTER: Questioning SD42’s plan for returning kids to class

Reader worries about spread of COVID as students in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows head back to school

  • Aug 26, 2020

Federal seniors’ minister outlines pandemic supports

Extra measures being taken to protect seniors and those who are around them

  • Aug 23, 2020

LETTER: Englishman hunts for family in Haney

Reaching out from England to distant relatives in Maple Ridge

  • Aug 22, 2020

LETTER: City needs to make local roads safer for all

Maple Ridge reader blasts municipality for not doing more to ensure safe passage on roadways

  • Aug 19, 2020

LETTER: Pitt Meadows woman tired of speeders on Bonson

Speed bumps or increased enforcement are needed to curtail racers through a park zone

  • Aug 9, 2020

LETTER: Lock cats and small dogs away from wily coyotes

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  • Aug 9, 2020

LETTER: Priority should be given to locals accessing Golden Ears park

Maple Ridge residents should be able to reserve new day passes ahead of out-of-towners: one local

  • Aug 8, 2020

LETTER: Reward offered to help relocate wallet lost in Maple Ridge

Grocery store worker trying to find his valuables – likely lost in a Good Samaritan’s van

  • Aug 4, 2020

LETTER: Conflicts growing between traffic and equestrians in Maple Ridge

She and her mount were clipped by a car in 1970s, leaving this rider fearful walking on 132nd Avenue

  • Aug 4, 2020

LETTER: Flush toilets have been part of Maple Ridge Park for years

Reaction to newbie’s first visit to a city park and moreover her criticism of its facilities

  • Aug 3, 2020

LETTER: Maple Ridge roads are despicable

Letter writer and taxpayer ashamed of quality of road maintenance, especially along Dewdney

  • Aug 3, 2020

LETTER: Don’t presume to speak for others on border closure, Maple Ridge writer says

Local woman doesn’t want to be lumped in with letter writer’s views on keeping Americans out of Canada

  • Jul 31, 2020

LETTER: Shame on Maple Ridge for having antiquated pit toilets in public park

A local woman was shocked, given the global pandemic, at how unsanitary the facilities seem

  • Jul 30, 2020

LETTER: Self-quarantine sounds like a good option

Even Maple Ridge’s Whonnock Lake is too crowded for this reader

  • Jul 27, 2020

LETTER: Dragged out investigation further traumatized victims’ families

Current oversight of police in Canada inadequate, despite IIO, criminology prof says

  • Jul 24, 2020