Bobcats photographed in a Maple Ridge yard. (Facebook/Special to The News)

Bobcats photographed in a Maple Ridge yard. (Facebook/Special to The News)

Bobcats caught on camera, and on a fence, in a Maple Ridge yard

Winter seems to have brought out more wildlife sightings in Maple Ridge, including a rare shot of three bobcats walking along a backyard fence like any domestic tabby would.

Crystal Bauer posted the photos in the Albion Neighbours Facebook page in December, and the pics definitely got an appreciative reception.

With recent snowfalls, there have been numerous postings in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows social media of wildlife tracks in the snow, with homeowners asking what beast might have made them.

Despite the plunging temperatures and snow, wildlife remains active.

“In the Maple Ridge area we’ve had a number of calls, with critters out and about,” Conservation Officer Sgt. Todd Hunter said of bear calls in the area.

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He said extreme weather puts stress on animals – including bobcats, cougars, and coyotes – to find enough food. That can lead to wildlife conflicts.

“We always advocate that people need to manage food and attractants at all times of the year, and maintain their vigilance,” he said.

People should not leave garbage out overnight, and should be aware of delays in pickup, which are happening in the rural areas of Maple Ridge, due to weather and road conditions.

Hunter said the snow tracks, along with doorbell cameras catching images of bears, cougars and coyotes on the prowl, the general public is being made more aware that wildlife is all around us, and active all seasons.

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