Staff with the cafe excited about being owners for a week. (Special to The News)

Staff with the cafe excited about being owners for a week. (Special to The News)

Maple Ridge cafe staff become owners for a week

Initiative in light of COVID hardships faced by the business

A Maple Ridge cafe is showing its staff gratitude for their perseverance and support through the pandemic, by turning them into owners for a week.

Humble Roots Cafe in Maple Ridge, located at 13179 224th Street, is undertaking an initiative in which the staff are turning into owners for a week. The initiative which started on Feb. 27, will continue until March 5, said general manager Tyler Towe.

“This initial concept was conceived during the pandemic as a way to thank our staff for their hard work and sacrifices during so much uncertainty. As many may suspect, the slower seasons in the hospitality industry can be difficult on owners and employees,” he said.

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All profits from this week will go directly into the hands of the employees and will be distributed based on the time they put into the business through this week. The cafe has a total of 18 staff members, including chefs, bakers, kitchen hands, managers and servers.

“Our staff have the chance to brainstorm ideas to boost sales, bring in customers, and be rewarded for their creativity and efforts. This idea relies heavily on community response, and the positive reactions so far expose how truly wonderful our community is!” said Towe, hinting and hoping for community’s participation.

The cafe will have several promos and specials, many conceived by the staff, for their customers during the week.

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