Five-year-old girl sells blueberries for charity

Blueberry fundraiser

Riyah Biln holds up a thank-you card.

Riyah Biln holds up a thank-you card.

Riyah Biln, 5, raised $500 in five days for World Vision to help the people of Somalia. Biln wanted to raise the money after seeing the African children in an ad for World Vision.

“They were like lying down and they couldn’t get the flies off their face because they didn’t have energy to move their arms,” Biln said.

So, for five days in August, under the supervision of her mother, Aman, the five-year-old sold blueberries for two to three hours each day outside their convenience store at the Petro-Canada station on 232nd Street.

The blueberries were donated from her parent’s blueberry farm, Silver Valley Farms.

Her donation prompted Liz Wiebe, regional representative for World Vision, to deliver a thank-you card praising Biln for her hard work.

“You are making a difference (in Somalia) and you are inspiring people here,” writes Wiebe in the card.

Biln is going to make this an annual event and hopes to raise even more money next year.