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Former cardiology patient completes $25,000 pledge

Tom Manion experienced shortness of breath and ended up in the emergency department at Ridge Meadows Hospital, where he was diagnosed with having had a heart attack.

From there, he was referred to the cardiology department for testing to determine the cause of the heart attack and treatment plans to reduce future risks. That was 2007.

Last week, Manion returned to the cardiology department at Ridge Meadows Hospital to complete the $25,000 pledge he made to Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation in gratitude for his treatment and care.

Having a heart attack reminded Manion of the importance of being healthy and spending time with friends and family.

“Thanks to the care I received, I am able to continue enjoying my life, travelling and playing with my grandchildren. Our health is essential to our lifestyle and I took mine for granted until it was almost gone,” he said.

The donation will help purchase of a new Exercise Tolerance Test with a treadmill. It monitors the heart while resting, exercising and recovering, and is essential to determining its health.

Manion and Associates has been involved with the head shave event at the Ridge Meadows Home Show for a number of years in  support of the hospital foundation.