Contributed                                Summer students at Pitt museum.

Contributed Summer students at Pitt museum.

Heritage Thursdays at Pitt museum celebrates Canada

The Pitt Meadows Museum is once again hosting Heritage Thursdays for children, with summer student Petra Maior in charge.

Maior is one of two summer students hired at the museum and she has themed the program around celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary with a mix of slide shows, crafts and activities that remind us of the importance of Canadian history and how we can have fun while learning.

So, to all the kids who are looking for something to do this summer, join the Heritage Thursdays program and explore different events throughout Canadian history through fun crafts and activities.

There are four sessions left before the end of summer:

• July 27th, is dedicated to the Canadian artists – come paint with us;

• Aug. 3rd is Canada in Our Pocket – animals from around the country;

• Aug. 10th is Canadian Shaking History – come make a video with us;

• Aug. 17th is Yes, We Invented It – finish the summer off with a great Canadian scavenger hunt.

Sessions run Thursdays from 1-3 p.m., with a fee of $5 per child, ages 5-11 (but talk to us about older or younger).

So, in celebration of 21 years of Pitt Meadows Museum’s Heritage Thursdays program and Canada’s 150th anniversary, we invite you to join us to learn and play.

Programs at the museum made possible with funding from the City of Pitt Meadows, the province of B.C. and the Government of Canada.