Kanaka Creek student Kayla Douglas

Kanaka Creek student Kayla Douglas

Kanaka kids blend Halloween, Christmas

Students coloured some 400 paper bags with Christmas and winter scenes, and filled them with candy for seniors.

Halloween trick or treating met the giving spirit of Christmas on Monday morning, as students from Kanaka Creek elementary gave away bags of their Halloween candy to the residents of Willow Senior Living Residence.

Teachers and husband/wife Paul and Debby Moran asked their students, in Grades 3 and 6, to save a handful of their Halloween candy for the project. On Nov. 1, they had a vast pile of chocolate and candy at the school.

Grade 6 student Claire Bruce said her classmates did not mind giving up some of the candy from their personal Oct. 31 stash.

“It’s not a big deal – you get so much, you can give a little away,” she said. “Everyone was super supportive.”

The students coloured some 400 paper bags with Christmas and winter scenes. They divided up chocolate bars, lollipops and fruit gums, then stood in an assembly line to fill the bags, a mom waiting with a stapler at the end of the line.

Then, with the start of the Christmas season, they dropped them off at the Willow residence, the Friends in Need Food Bank, and Paul Moran took some a drug and alcohol treatment centre.

“It’s giving back,” he said. “At Halloween they get so much candy – now they get the pleasure of receiving and giving.”