Maple Ridge residents encouraged to report crime

There's another non-911 number to report non-urgent criminal activity

Ken Carlson

Ken Carlson

In Canada, approximately half of all crimes are reported to the police.

It is likely that more than 50 per cent of all crimes that take place are witnessed by neighbours looking out of their windows, by a person walking a dog, and hearing the sounds of breaking glass, or by a driver observing a person swerving all over the road. Why don’t people report crime?  In most cases it is because they don’t want to get involved, they are afraid of being wrong, or they are not sure what to do.

Only contact 911 when there is an emergency requiring police, ambulance or fire and an immediate response is required.

Some examples to call 911 for police:

• An event that involves an immediate threat to person or property: i.e.: screams, attacks, gunshots, fire, car accident with injuries.

• If you see someone breaking into a home, car or business.

• If you are following or observing an impaired driver.

• If a serious crime has just occurred such as sexual assault or robbery.

• If you see a suspicious circumstance that may indicated an immediate criminal act, for example you see a prowler or someone vandalizing property.

In Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, call 604-463-6251 for non-emergency situations where an immediate response or dispatch of police is not required.

Some examples include:

1. Someone stole your license plate off you truck and you have no idea who did it.

2.  Report all serious crime even if the crime occurred a week ago.  For example, sexual assault or recently discovered break-in.

3.  Non-emergency incidents in progress such as a noisy party down the street or if you see people

4.  You think you have a grow operation, drug or gang activity in your neighborhood.

Ken Carlson, owner of The Bookcase on 119th Ave., with a ‘We can’t help’ sticker on the door to his store.