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Maple Ridge SPCA to offer art class with bunnies

Participants can meet and learn about the animals, all animals now 50 per cent off adoption fees
Bunnies up for adoption at the Maple Ridge branch BC SPCA. (Maple Ridge branch of the BC SPCA/Special to The News)

An art session on drawing bunny rabbits is being hosted by the Maple Ridge branch of the BC SPCA, in an effort to educate people about adoption and find some welcoming homes.

Children and adults will be led through a short bunny-themed art activity while in the bunny nursery at the facility.

Following the art project, those who attend will have an opportunity to ask questions and participate in what branch manager Kahlee Demers is calling a “Meet and Treat” with the bunnies who are up for adoption.

Although, owning a bunny is not for everyone, said Demers.

A space of at least 16 square feet per rabbit is suggested for their enclosures, and they should be kept in an area of the home where people hang out, in a large, “enriched” enclosure – or free run of the entire room, explained Demers.

“That way, they can become part of the family where they belong,” she said noting, an enclosure for rabbits needs to be big enough to fit food and water bowls, and at least one litter box for each rabbit, and at least one hideout each – while still allowing them to take several unobstructed hops in a row.

“The more space you can provide, the better,” she said.

Traditional wire-and-plastic pet store cages are much too small, added Demers, advising, a good-sized enclosure can easily be made from exercise pens meant for dogs.

The art event is by donation and open to all ages, said the branch manager, although, parental assistance may be required and guardians of children must be present for the entire session. It will be taking place at 3 p.m. on Sunday Dec. 10, at 10235 Jackson Road, Maple Ridge.

Now that the holiday season is here, it is not just bunnies the BC SPCA are trying to find loving homes for, but all animals in their care.

So, until Friday, Dec. 15, the Hope for the Holidays BC SPCA event is offering 50 per cent off of all adoption fees.

“There is no better way for us to celebrate the season than to find forever homes for all of the deserving animals in our care,” said Adrienne McBride, the BC SPCA’s senior director of Community Animal Centres.

However, the director is also cautioning people from getting caught up in the holiday spirit and adopting an animal without considering the animal’s long-term needs. And, she said, animals should not be given as a gift.

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“It is too hard on an animal to be brought into a home and then returned because someone was surprised and unprepared for the responsibility or the time commitment being a pet guardian takes,” explained McBride.

A seasonal gift can work if a family has already put thought into and made the decision to bring a pet into the house, and they want to make it a surprise for their children.

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There are other ways to support animals in need, the director continued. A donation can be made to the BC SPCA and an e-card can be sent to a loved one, a purchase can be made on the BC SPCA’s online store, or a gift of care can be made to an animal through the gift catalogue.

“You can also give the gift of your time. Volunteering as a foster is an amazing way to help these animals enjoy the comfort of a home for the holidays and throughout the year while they’re looking for their forever family,” added McBride.

Anyone wishing to see the animals waiting to be adopted can go to:

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