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Pitt Meadows wunderkind continues to wow

Mom says Lucas Yao, 6, recently memorized Pi to 1,000 places
Lucas Yao is even trying his hand at painting. (Special to The News)

In many respects, Lucas Yao is just like any other Pitt Meadows six-year-old.

He loves watching Canucks games, as well as playing floor hockey and indoor soccer with his dad, and sometimes he just likes to hang out with his pet bunnies.

But when it comes time for feats involving concentration, Lucas would give most bright adults a run for their money.

Last year, when he was five, he memorized the mathematical constant Pi to 500 places.

This year his mom, Cindy Liu, said he set and met a goal of memorizing it to 1,000 places with plenty of time to spare before March 14, which is considered international Pi day.

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That would be impressive on its own, but Lucas enjoys many other pursuits, which might come across as complicated to other people of any age.

For instance, he recently learned how to play Chopin’s Minute Waltz, a Grade 9 level of difficulty piano piece.

Liu said he is also discovering a talent for chess.

“He plays every day,” she said.

“He likes to play all these chess apps online, and I signed him up for chess camp on Saturdays.”

“He’s really good.

“I can’t beat him any more, and he’s beating his dad, too.”

Liu said her son can say the notations for the moves necessary to checkmate an opponent without moving the chess pieces themselves.

The acting bug has also bitten the young talent.

Lucas is filming a movie for Netflix, as well as a TV Show for Disney+.

“He’s been auditioning since he was four,” Liu said. “He loves it.”

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