Preventing senior falls is key

Prevention of falls is one of the most critical issues facing local seniors.

With the majority of accidental deaths among seniors aged 75 and older the result of falls – prevention of such has become one of the most critical issues facing local seniors.

The stats on senior falls: 33 per cent of older adults living at home fall each year; 85 per cent of injury-related hospital admissions in seniors are the result of falls; 90 per cent of hip fractures are the result of falls; and 20 per cent of seniors who suffer a hip fracture from a fall die within one year.

“Seniors and their families can take a number of steps to minimize the risk of a catastrophic fall,” said Carol Lange, owner of the Maple Ridge Nurse Next Door franchise.

Improper footwear: One of the main culprits of accidental senior falls are house slippers that lack proper soles.

Grab bars: Install in areas where you or an aging loved one may need assistance sitting down or getting up. The most important location is the washroom by the toilet and the tub or shower.

Rubber mats: In addition to having sturdy grab bars in washrooms, be sure to have rubber bath mats in your tub or shower.

Lighting: Ensure hallways are properly lit and keep a flashlight by the bedside.

Clutter: It is important to keep any pet toys, dishes or other clutter, including wires from appliances and electronics, out of hallways and high traffic locations.