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SPCA’s Maple Ridge branch saw 8 animal adoptions last week

Encourages residents to participate in campaign for pets left in hot cars
Even with windows cracked open, BC SPCA is urging community members to not leave their pets inside their vehicles. (Black Press Media file)

BC SPCA’s Maple Ridge branch has seen eight new adoptions last week alone.

Earlier last week, BC SPCA’s 50 per cent off adoptions campaign launched, which will go on until the end of July. The campaign was launched to encourage people to adopt and make space in the shelter for more animals that were coming to the shelters from wildfire-affected regions.

The Maple Ridge branch has since received a few new animals and all of them have either been adopted or are in the final stages of being adopted, said branch manager Krista Shaw.

The shelter still has one cat, one dog, two rabbits, one mouse and two guinea pigs for adoption.

If you are interested in adopting, please visit the BC SPCA website at

The branch is also encouraging the community to participate in the BC SPCA’s new campaign offering “No Pet in Hot Cars” decals.

The BC SPCA animal protection officers have responded to 642 calls to rescue animals in distress in hot cars, according to Lorie Chortyk, general manager of communications for the BC SPCA.

“Every year there is at least one call where a pet has died before help can arrive. It is heartbreaking, because it is a horrible way for a pet to die and it is devastating for their guardian,” she said.

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As part of its No Hot Pets campaign, the BC SPCA will be offering free car decals to amplify their efforts to raise awareness of the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars. The organization is also making posters, flyers and other educational materials available for download and is encouraging community members to distribute in their neighbourhoods.

“I think the most important thing people can do, besides making sure their pet is safe at home in hot weather, is to help spread the word to their family and friends about how deadly it can be to take pets on errands with you,” Chortyk said, adding that the organization recognized that people loved their pets and want to take them everywhere but if they have to leave their pets in the car even for a few minutes, the consequence of that action could be tragic.

“It doesn’t take long, even if a vehicle is parked in the shade with windows partially open, for a pet to suffer severe heatstroke,” she said.

Community members interested in getting the free decals, will be able to order one, free of charge, from BC SPCA website here:

People can also download posters and flyers, and

If you see an animal already in distress in a hot vehicle, please contact your local police, RCMP, animal control agency or the BC SPCA Call Centre at 1.855.622.7722.

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