Teaming up in Pitt Meadows for pedestrian safety

Teaming up in Pitt Meadows for pedestrian safety

Event Saturday at Meadowtown shopping centre.

Ridge Meadows RCMP, Pitt Meadows city staff and elected officials, and ICBC are teaming up to promote pedestrian safety.

As daylight hours decrease during the fall and winter months, crashes involving pedestrians have historically gone up.  According to ICBC statistics, one in five people killed in car crashes are pedestrians, and approximately 70 per cent of crashes involving pedestrians occur at intersections.

“Crashes with pedestrians spike in fall and winter as the weather changes and daylight hours decrease,” said Kate Woochuk, local ICBC road safety coordinator. “When you’re walking, make eye contact, wear bright clothing, and stay focused on the road. When you’re driving, take extra time to look for pedestrians before turning and be ready to yield.”

Police, City of Pitt Meadows, and ICBC have arranged for a pedestrian awareness event at the Meadowtown shopping mall Saturday, Oct. 29, from 9-11 a.m.  The team will be giving away reflectors, and providing safety information to both pedestrians and motorists to help ensure everyone’s safety.

“Distracted walking by a pedestrian can be as bad as distracted driving in that you are not fully aware of your surroundings,” Cpl. Brenda Winpenny said. “Remove headphones, and don’t venture onto streets while talking or texting on your phone.”


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