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VIDEO: Mama bear guiding her cubs up the tree in Maple Ridge

A family spotted the trio while driving through the Kanaka Creek area
Look for the “bear” necessities; mama bear helping her little ones. (Special to The News)

When driving through the Kanaka Creek area in Maple Ridge, a family came across a mama bear guiding her cubs up a tree.

The mama bear was seen helping her two young cubs up the tree, teaching and showing them how to climb, when Maple Ridge local, Scott Andrews, spotted the three.

He pulled over, and captured the sweet moment when the mama bear kept glancing back, checking on her cubs. Scott was with his family at that time and they all thought it was “pretty cool”.

Andrews made sure to capture the moment from a safe distance.

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With a nod to Andrews’ safe distance filming, Dan Mikolay, the WildSafe BC coordinator with Maple Ridge said that filming and or photographing wildlife should only be done from a safe distance and location, especially now that winter is approaching and the bears will be trying to prepare for their hybernation. Bears are fattening up for winter, he said, and need 20,000 calories a day.

WildSafe BC has a guide on photography ethics when photographing wildlife and Mikolay recommended that as a good resource for anyone wanting more information on that:

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