Comic duo at Legion

Husband-and-wife team Bernie & Red have been performing for 30 years

Bernie and Red play the legion on Sunday

Bernie and Red play the legion on Sunday

Husband-and-wife comic duo Bernie and Red bring their barrel of laughs to Maple Ridge this week with a performance at the Legion.

Originally from Liverpool, England, Bernie and Red moved to Canada in the late 1970s and have since established themselves as one of the most popular and hard working acts in western Canada, with a dozen CD releases to their name.

Whether it’s a comedy routine for the ladies on “How to look thinner” or an operatic aria in fake Italian, a dynamic vocal performance of Don’t Cry for me Argentina or an old vaudeville piece that your grandpa used to sing, Bernie and Red can pull it off and have you shouting for more.

These two entertainers have been married for 45 years and, consequently, have a wealth of comic material about the joys of marriage and family life.

Bernie is the long-suffering husband who strives vainly to get a word in edgeways, whilst Red is the feisty red-head who’ll have you rolling in the aisles one minute and set you back on your heels with her treatment of a big Broadway ballad the next.

After three decades of performing, the duo has no plans of slowing down.

“If our crowd numbers were starting to go down each year, it might be a consideration, but even in these difficult times, our crowds are holding strong and, in some cases, increasing,” says Red.

“Right now, audiences are looking for an escape from day-to-day worries,  and fortunately we seem to have found a recipe for a funny and entertaining show and the crowds keep coming back.”

• Bernie and Red play the Royal Canadian Legion in Maple Ridge on Sunday July 17. For tickets, call 604-463-5101.