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Johnson Brothers celebrate 10 years

Brett and Trent Johnson are playing a free concert in Maple Ridge on Aug. 25 Their grandpa Elmer Tippe will join them on stage.
Brett Johnson and his brother Trent with their grandpa Elmer Tippe

It's hard to believe it's been a decade since Trent and Brett Johnson decided to join forces and follow in the footsteps of their grandpa, uncle and dad.

Even the brothers, who have been on stage since they were kids, appear a tad surprised.

"Country music has changed so much in the past 10 years," says Brett Johnson, who began playing country bars with his younger brother at age 15.

"It seems every 10 years it changes the way it sounds."

The grandsons of Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame member Elmer Tippe and nephews to multi-award winner Rick Tippe, the pair have melody in their genes.

By the time, the brothers hit 20, they had played every country bar in the Fraser Valley, creating an energetic and popular live show that features songs by legends like Buck Owens, Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings as well as contemporary artists like Toby Keith, Brad Paisley and Keith Urban.

As the live scene started to dry up, the Johnson Brothers refocused their creative energy into their first album - Burnin Diesel - which was released last year.

They've already started working on their second album and are preparing to release a single titled "Who's Here To Party?" in fall.

“It’s a straight-forward party song,” says Brett.

“It shows the influence between country and rock, which is what we grew up with. It’s laid-back but makes you want to bob your head.”

To celebrate 10 years as a band, the brothers are hosting a free country in Maple Ridge this weekend.

“It’s the first time we’ll be playing a hometown show,” says Trent with surprise.

“Especially since we grew up here.”

“It’s just for the community to come out and enjoy a fun night of music,” says Brett.


• The Johnson Brothers play Memorial Peace Park in Maple Ridge on Saturday, Aug. 25. The free concert will feature Elmer Tippe and Cory Hawthorne . Bring a lawn chair or blanket. The concert starts at 6 p.m.

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