Kris Kupskay from Maple Ridge needs your help to win a $25

Kris Kupskay from Maple Ridge needs your help to win a $25

Maple Ridge graffiti artist bending the rules

Kris Kupskay needs your vote to help him win a $25,000 grant from HP Canada

Maple Ridge artist Kris Kupskay needs your help to #BendTheRules.

The master muralist is competing against two other  talented “Rule Benders” for a $25,000 grant from HP Canada.

A graffiti artist whose work graces spaces from Maple Ridge to Whistler, Kupskay challenges the status quo with his bold and vivid murals.

He transforms public spaces with acrylic and aerosol, finding a canvas in the most unconventional of places. He’s also committed to having a positive impact on his community and the kids who live in it. Working with Zero Ceiling – an organization that helps kids make significant life changes – Kupskay uses his unique skill set to mentor and motivate. He merges art and advocacy. And the results are striking.

He recently painted a 2,000-sq. ft mural, blending First Nations art with images of baseball, for Port Coquitlam Minor Baseball’s batting cage. His work is also featured at the Greg Moore Youth Centre in Maple Ridge.

“Art just happens to be a better way of explaining myself,” says Kupskay in his artist statement.

“You never really know how an artist feels about something until they take the time to paint it for you. I see being an artist as a hidden form of expression. It is the emotion that an individual can sink into a piece and never need to disclose. The observer doesn’t need to understand me, or what I am trying to accomplish, in order to appreciate my work.”


Cast your vote for Kris Kupskay at #BendTheRules. Voting ends Sept. 30.