Pitt Meadows school raises thousands to build school in India

Pitt Meadows school raises thousands to build school in India

Students at Pitt Meadows elementary raised $10,000 for WE Charity

Students at Pitt Meadows elementary have raised thousands of dollars to build a school in India.

Over a period of five years, through various fundraising events, students have raised $10,000.

The project was initiated by the student leadership group at the school, many of whom have since gone on to high school.

At the time, they were inspired by Malala and spent time talking about how not all children have the opportunity to attend school.

They decided that a lot of people were building schools in Africa and did some research before deciding on India.

Students raised money through bake sales, selling African rafikis beaded bracelets, which in itself helps Kenyan mothers earn a living and send their children to school, and by selling paper bricks, fundraising suggestions by WE Charity.

“The bricks were quite inspiring,” said Diane Wadden, English language learning teacher at the school, adding that students would have their parents or grandparents buy them bricks.

Wadden along with Grade 6/7 teacher Michelle Chabot run the leadership program.

“We did it one year around Christmas and made the suggestion that you may want to ask somebody to buy you a brick instead of a Christmas present or in addition to,” she said.

Students also asked for donations at their birthday parties.

The idea of the bricks was to create a visual to show the big picture.

“So that they could see the big goal. That it’s going to take us a long time but we’re getting closer and closer with each little bit that we do,” said Wadden.

Around 200 students have spearheaded the project over the five years with the larger student body supporting it.

On Dec. 5 a representative from WE Charity will be at the school for a cheque presentation and to do a short presentation on what exactly their money will purchase.