Ridge dancer takes top honours

Three trophies and eight scholarships for Darby Steeves at the Surrey Dance Fest awards

Darby Steeves with her trophies.

Darby Steeves with her trophies.

Maple Ridge dancer Darby Steeves cleaned up at the Surrey Festival of Dance awards last week.

The 16-year-old was chosen as the tap and stage provincial representative from the Surrey Festival of Dance but also won three honours trophies for an outstanding performance, most promising choreography and top tap points as well as eight scholarships.

Steeves is graduating from Thomas Haney Secondary School this year.

She began dancing at age three, and has been a student at Peggy Peat’s School of Dance for the past 14 years.

Last year, she was part of the dance team that represented Canada at the International Dance Organization’s Jazz and Modern Dance World Championship.

When Steeves isn’t training for competitions or instructing classes at the local dance school, she can be found in costume as the mascot for Dinotown in Pitt Meadows, Dusty, and at events at her high school, Thomas Haney secondary, where she plays Thor.