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Super-powered concert for peace

The Halcyon Imagineers hosts Masquerade Sept. 27 at Blenz.
(From left) Charlie Spittel

Just like Superman and Wonder Woman, the Halcyon Imagineers are conjuring up their super powers for a concert to promote peace.

Kyle Herman, aka ‘Arak StarrEagle,’ got the idea for the event while reading a stack of comics and simultaneously watching some grim news on CNN detailing the latest wars, disasters, tragedies and atrocities.

Herman thought to himself, wouldn’t it be great if life were more like the comics he was reading, superheroes and all.

“Unfortunately, there are no superheroes and we have to deal with such things as terrorism in Iraq, war between Israel and Palestine and the Russian-Ukraine crisis,” he says.

“But the fact remains that we all can be heroes if we put aside hate and fear and replace it with peace, hope and love with equality for all.”

It was that thought that sparked Masquerade –  the Halcyon Imagineers latest musical event.

Herman, who founded the art collective, said Masquerade is aimed at spreading a message of peace through art and entertainment and giving people something positive to think about.

Slated to take place at Blenz Coffee on Saturday, Masquerade will feature 13 performers and four and a half hours of festive folk, wild rock and rampaging rap.

Dr. Brainstorm Joe Warden, the Epic Dharma Jorgensen, Arak StarrEagle and Caden Knudson of the Irish folk rock band Shades of Green will headline the event.

“It is a super-powered rap and rock concert to promote peace, love, and equality as well as respect for all forms of life, which is the enduring Halcyon creed and mantra,” says Herman.

There will be a costume contest and the audience is also welcome to don their favourite costumes and join in the fun.

Herman said there will be hippies, a hockey player, Indiana Jones, a Clint Eastwood Cowboy,Tuxedo Mask, a dashing Anime adventurer and a mad scientist.



The event takes place Saturday, Sept. 27 at Blenz Coffee, 122-22441 Dewdney Trunk Road from 5 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.