Teapots Top-Up with artist Clive Tucker

Special two-day workshop at the ACT in Maple Ridge

A ceramic teapot by Port Moody artist Clive Tucker.

A ceramic teapot by Port Moody artist Clive Tucker.

Learn the art of making a tea pot with ceramics artist Clive Tucker during a special two-session clinic at the ACT.

Though Tucker makes “regular” teapots, he has become known for his extraordinary teapots and cups.

It all began when he bought a box of commercial moulds, which he reworked and juxtaposed with the classically thrown teapots and cups.

Primarily, Tucker uses the moulds to form the bases for his cups and teapots, though they can also function as knobs and handles.

Most of the thrown pots come to a point and cannot stand on their own so a symbiotic relationship is formed between pot and base. While he still works with moulds, Tucker’s work has evolved, and he often hand builds or throws bases for a more organic feel.

Clay suitable for the ACT’s kiln will be provided at the workshop and teapots will be bisque fired only.

• The workshops take place Sunday, June 12 and Sunday, June 19 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The workshops costs $93 including HST for both sessions, including supplies. For more information, call Barbara Duncan at 604-476-4240.