Pets: Adopt, don’t shop for pet

You don’t pick and choose who you take into your home, you take the ones that need you most

  • Apr. 21, 2015 7:00 p.m.
Adopt a pet

Adopt a pet

There is a video on You Tube called “I am an animal rescuer.”

Images are supplied by Jenna Brooke Pelikan.

The poem that accompanies the video is by Annette King Tucker.

And the song is Shattered, by Trading Yesterday.

I have posted this video numerous times on my Facebook page because it shows what rescue is really about.

My fellow animal rescuers were all touched by different parts of the video.

For me, the words “I have fallen in love a thousand times”, and,  “I take in new family members … without thought, plan, or selection” really hit home.

You don’t pick and chose who you take into your home, you take the ones that need you most.

Recently I ran into one of my neighbours.  I had with me my newest addition, a 16-year-old pit bull who is covered in fatty lumps, is deaf, and has significant arthritis.

My neighbor commended me on my decision to give a dog like that a chance, then proceeded to tell me that he is also looking for a dog and has been researching the different breeds and breeders.

One part of me was happy that he was doing his research before simply going out and getting an animal.

But the rescuer in me couldn’t help but point out that my new 16-year-old addition has turned out to be a lovely boy who is good with my kids.

He has also been put in his place by my cats, and even gave the bunny a friendly lick.

Then, of course, I continued to tell him that my house is a revolving door of old and sick animals, and they all end up being great additions to the family.

I don’t really get to pick them.

I wanted to tell him that while he researches the perfect dog, thousands of incredible animals are waiting for him in shelters.

I am willing to bet that is where he would find his perfect companion.

A pedigree does not guarantee the perfect pet.

Nor does the fact that you purchase it from a ‘reputable’ breeder, nor the fact that you purchase it as a puppy or a kitten.

I know many people who can vouch for this, friends who own purebred dogs who are pretty far from perfect.

Had they ended up in the wrong hands they would probably be at a shelter now because of their behavior issues.

As for my newest, but oldest addition, I saw him on Facebook and shared him hoping some sucker would adopt him.

Later that night this sucker was filling out the application.

All I can say is that this dog is so perfect that I cannot help but wish that he had come into my life years ago and he stays in my life for as long as possible and becomes the oldest living pity in the world.

It’s a tired slogan, but a good one never the less: adopt don’t shop.

You save one life and make room for another to be saved.

Shelters are full of animals that are lovable, well behaved, and perfect family members.

You can find breed specific rescues, small animal rescues, cat rescues, dog rescues, pig rescues, horse rescues. Any animal that you want.

And whatever you do make sure you watch that You Tube video.

It just might inspire you to become involved.


Magdalena Romanow is a volunteer at Katie’s Place, an animal shelter in Maple Ridge.