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Vancouver named world's 3rd-best coffee city: Matador

Matador, the popular travel website and growing media empire, has named the B.C. city the world's third-best for coffee.
A cafe latte

Dead beats, your time spent in auburn halls in Gastown or the all-glass modern chains in Yaletown has put Vancouver on the world's map.

The city was named the globe's third-best coffee city by the wildly popular Matador travel website – "There's a coffee in Vancouver for everybody, whether you prefer slow-to-make pourovers or espresso drinks," writes Elyssa Goldberg, in her submission for the B.C. economic capital.

"Downtown Vancouver may well be the epicenter of Canadian coffee," she writes. "Its residents look beyond Starbucks and Tim Hortons, preferring well-crafted brews made with beans sourced directly from growers. Among the heavy hitters are Elysian Coffee, which roasts for both of its shops, Revolver, Prado, Kafka's Coffee and Tea, and 49th Parallel – also a roaster."

(Goldberg left out chains like Waves and Blenz in her abstract, although it should be noted they also add significant rent to the city's popular, pedestrian-heavy downtown.)

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Sacramento, California was named the world's best coffee city, followed by Manila at No. 2.

Below Vancouver came Dublin, Taipei, Oslo, Denver, Paris, Moscow, Bangkok, and Auckland (in order).

"Paris, usually along with Rome, lands itself on lists of 'Cities that are supposed to have good coffee because cafe culture is important but their coffee is really bleh at best,'" Goldberg says of the well-known world cafe capital that (maybe surprisingly to some) slipped down the Top 11 to eighth.

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But she also writes, Paris's appearance on the list is a credit to how the city has changed, not a knock.

"While most Parisian cafes are still more about the ambiance – the wicker chairs adjusted to face the street, the conversation, the occasional cigarette – than what's in your cup, third wave coffee shops are flourishing in the City of Lights."

Unlike other world's best lists from the Economist or think tanks, Matador's java rankings didn't crunch stats or weigh its competitors on an algorithm that took into account several different categories, most of them chosen off-screen... it seems they just travelled and chose, used their eyes and taste buds instead of the calculator.

VIDEO: Revolver Coffee – Vancouver! (YouTube, Steve Booker)