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PHOTOS: Hundreds dive into Alouette Lake to start the new year

The unofficial polar swim event attracted people from all over the Lower Mainland

People of all ages entered 2024 with a big splash at the New Year’s Day polar plunge at Alouette Lake.

Every year, people visit Golden Ears Provincial Park on Jan. 1 to experience the ultimate ice bath.

While there was no official event this year, that didn’t stop more than 100 people from running into the water before noon, despite the chilly temperature and thick fog.

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Among the participants was a group of local moms that included Karlee Ward, Katarina Rykoff, Cherisse van der Lee, Rachel Coach, and Briggs Taillefer.

Despite being a bit nervous beforehand, the group channelled their bravery and sprinted into the frigid water. Ward even called the experience an enjoyable one.

“I almost didn’t want to get out once I was in there,” said Ward.

An informal gathering of more than 30 other people also stopped by the lake to have their own moment in the chilling water, with group members ranging from teenagers to seniors.

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