Can you smooth, brighten firm your skin in just minutes a day?

Can you smooth, brighten firm your skin in just minutes a day?

Weight loss triggers search for non-surgical skin-tightening solution that works

After losing 186 pounds, Cathi Graham felt fantastic … but was left with excess saggy skin.

In researching solutions, she discovered a high frequency technology that boosts collagen and elastin production and firmed her skin.

Thrilled with the results, today she offers others the same benefits. The OxyLift Oxygenated Facelift System is a hand-held device that’s used at home just three minutes twice daily – it’s like what you’ll find at the spa, but at a fraction of the price!

Using high-frequency technology, OxyLift is an anti-aging system – backed by clinical studies, Graham says:

48% Reduction in wrinkle depth

78% improvement in acne

33% increase in collagen production

43% decrease in puffy eyes

92% experienced an immediate lift

“It works like an oxygen facelift at home. It’s effective in firming and toning the skin, and erasing wrinkles, acne and cellulite,” Cathi explains, noting similar offerings at a spa can cost $100 to $120 per session. “I know it works, but it also has the clinical research behind it.”

How it works: Essentially, OxyLift’s oscillating current imitates hundreds of tiny fingers patting the skin at 164,000 cycles per second, increasing circulation to the skin. At the same time, the orange-red glow from the tip is readily absorbed by the skin cells and together, these features promote the production of collagen and the regeneration of skin cells, Cathi says. Fast, easy and fun to use, use it while you’re streaming, talking to a friend or catching up on your favourite show.

No special creams needed: While Cathi also offers a complementary line of all-natural skin care products, OxyLift can be used with any skin cream – it will actually enhance the effective qualities of your cream or serum, she says.

“After using OxyLift for a few months, I noticed that my “turkey neck” had improved greatly,” says customer Yolanda. “My friends have commented on the improvement in my skin – it’s much more toned, firmer and has a healthy glow. I also love the fact that it’s a personal and simple to use at home, and much less expensive than going to a spa or clinic for treatments.”

Seeing results: Typically, most people notice that within two weeks their skin has a beautiful, natural glow and, in 10 to 12 weeks notice collagen builds, pores are reduced and the overall look of skin improves, Cathi says. “Once you’ve reached your desired result, just maintain it in just a few minutes several times a week.

“Every day we’re aging; with OxyLift, we’re firming and toning,” Cathi says.

“And if you don’t love the results, OxyLift comes with a three-month, money-back guarantee.”

Lorrie, another satisfied customer said: “I used the OxyLift for three weeks and the change is incredible. My eyes have lifted and the lines around my mouth have softened, my face looks more contoured. The other benefit is, if I get a breakout, I use the OxyLift and within a day or two it‘s gone. Truly amazing!”

To have firm, even-toned, radiant skin, get your very own OxyLift. Visit and receive a free gift with your OxyLift!