Visit Danielle Ramos at the new Lower Mainland Denture Centre at C2-12460 191 St. in Pitt Meadows.

Visit Danielle Ramos at the new Lower Mainland Denture Centre at C2-12460 191 St. in Pitt Meadows.

Say cheese! This denturist brings smiles back to life

Mobile dental clinic opens permanent location in under-served Pitt Meadows

Danielle Ramos is very artistic and good with her hands. With those skills in mind, what would you guess is her ideal career?

The answer, believe it or not, is denturist!

“I love working with my hands, and when I make dentures I have to consider every detail,” Ramos says. “I’m rebuilding someone’s smile.”

Every person’s smile is different, and Ramos hand crafts dentures to custom fit each client. Square teeth, tapering, each facet is important to get all the details just right, and that takes an artistic touch.

“I love that I can combine the craft of building the dentures with being able to interact and care for my patients.” Ramos calls herself a “teeth geek” and is happy to chat about dental health.

“People are welcome to stop by my new office just for a chat or some guidance. If I can’t help them I will make sure to direct them to someone who can,” she says.

From Brazil to Pitt Meadows

Ramos was born and raised in Brazil, and moved to Canada in 2004. After a few years working as a live-nanny she was accepted to a very competitive denturist program.

“I felt really privileged to be chosen,” she says.

Soon after graduating in 2011 she started her mobile clinic, bringing dentures to patients around the Lower Mainland with house calls and hospital visits. Ramos is also a Board Member at the Denturist Association of BC and has been a pre-clinical instructor at CDI College since 2016. While she’s committed to continuing the mobile clinic, she’s also excited to be opening the Lower Mainland Denture Centre in Pitt Meadows to better serve that community.

“I’m happy to be in Pitt Meadows, I love the little community here. It’s also quite under-served as before I opened, people had to travel over 30 minutes to get dentures from a denture specialist,” she says.

Dentures make you smile

Through her work at the Lower Mainland Denture Centre Ramos has experienced firsthand how crucial dentures are to a person’s health and wellbeing.

“When you’re sick, a big part of getting better is being able to eat — being able to enjoy your favourite foods,” Ramos says, and a comfortable set of dentures can help. “People think that just older people get dentures, but my youngest client is 20 years old. People might lose their teeth from medication they took, injuries, or accidents.”

You rely on your teeth your whole life, and that means your need for dentures could happen at any age. But dentures help with more than just nutrition.

“A good pair of dentures gives you confidence. The ability to speak and the ability to smile. In your everyday life how would it be if you weren’t able to smile? Getting a job, public speaking, dating and finding a partner. We use our smiles for everything.”

To learn more, stop by the brand new Lower Mainland Denture Centre at C2-12460 191 St, right next to Hwy 7, call 604-457-3763, or email