The Breather Reviews – Does It Work for Respiratory Muscle Training?

Suggesting the name, the Breather is a device that helps in breath training. It helps to strengthen your overall breathing capacity. With its regular use, the Breather can help you inhale and exhale deeper and more easily. With better breathing, you can enjoy an array of health benefits; a better life quality is just one among them. Now you might ask, does this device work right in the way it is advertised to? Here’s all that you need to know to explore this device.

What actually is The Breather?

It is a handheld, small machine that assists you in improving your breathing. Through this device, you would simply need to inhale and exhale. The Breather allows you to exert forces against every breath you take. As a result, your pulmonary system automatically makes a stronger effort to make for it. This helps improve your breathing performance over time.


The Logic behind the Design

Quite similar to sweating out in the gym helps to develop muscles, and the use of the Breather helps to develop the breathing muscles. Or just in the way doing weight training helps to tone your tissues, the Breather, by offering resistance, helps to tone down the tissues in your respiratory muscles. It is a way to strengthen lungs without medications.

Working of the Breathers

This device works by utilizing the policy of RMT or respiratory muscle training. While breathing through the devices, your system needs to work even harder. This helps to compensate for the difficulty in breathing that it imposes. In fact, the Breather can resist normal breathing at different levels. So the longer you use this device, the stronger your lungs become. In fact, while inhaling, the Breathers can offer as much as six resistance levels. While breathing out, it can give as many as five resistant levels.

Using the Breather

Using this device is quite simple. All you need to do is to:

  • Keep the device under the lips.
  • Next, adjust the setting of resistance.
  • Then inhale and exhale through the Breather.

You can notice a change over time. As the official website of the device manufacturer puts it, users need to wait for a few weeks to see the difference.

What to Note

There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while starting to use the device:

  • Set the lowest resistance level to start with. Increase the difficulty level after taking some time.
  • As a beginner, you can start practicing for no more than 5 minutes, gradually increasing it to 10 minutes a day.
  • For any additional help, you can take the help of the smartphone app that the manufacturers offer.
  • The app can also help you to customize a breathing exercise regime.

Who Can Use?

A number of users keep the Breather only to improve their overall pulmonary system. It can be especially helpful if you are feeling shortness of breath of late. However, this device is also helpful for those suffering from breathing issues like:

  • COPD.
  • Bronchiectasis.
  • Breathing Issues.
  • Emphysema.
  • Atelectasis.
  • Bronchitis.

Given that regular breathing exercise also helps to manage hypertension, those suffering from it might also give it a try.

A number of pulmonologists and doctors have already recommended using this device. It is a medical-grade machine that complies with international standards of user safety. However, it is always safe to consult your doctor before using it.


About the Application

Manufacturers of the Breather have also developed a smartphone application. This helps the users to:

  • Progress through breathing.
  • Prepare a plan of training as per your progress. So if you have bought the device and need some help to track and monitor your progress, this app is helpful.
  • Use it free of cost.
  • Get access to high-quality, on-demand training demos, videos, and downloads.

So if you are not confident enough to get started with Breather, then this app is all that you would need.

The Benefits and Advantages

Apart from the efficient results that it gives, the Breather gives a number of practical advantages:

  • It is portable in design. Its small size and clever design help to carry it in your pocket or bag. This means that you can take it along no matter where you go.
  • You do not need refills or batteries. It is only the strength of your breath that it needs.
  • It is absolutely zero maintenance.
  • It’s a mechanism to clean the lungs in a natural way. So now you can see breath fuller, clearer and deeper.

What you should know about Muscle Training

The new age breathers work on the concept of RMT, or respiratory muscle training. You might not have known this before, but just as it happens with your entire body, even your lungs use muscles as you breathe. And training your muscles to various intensities gives them the exercise that you need. Together, they make for better, stronger breathing.

What do the Users have to Say?

Many thousands of users across the world have already used the Breather. The device has garnered rave reviews from almost all quarters. The product shines with a perfect 5-star rating on the leading review websites. As the company advertises, the Breather not only improves breathing but also helps to manage the indications of various respiratory disorders.

Here are the excerpts from some of the reviews of real users:

A former chain smoker mentions that she had damaged lungs after many decades of smoking. The damage was so intense that her lungs started to perform weakly. The Breather helped her to manage her frequent breathlessness. As she claims, the device also helped with her snoring, as she feels that the oxygen supply to her brain and the lungs have become better.

Another COPD patient, who was taking inhalers, decided to give the Breathers a try. She used it to exercise three times a day with it instead of taking doctor-prescribed inhalers twice a day. Eventually, she quit using inhalers altogether.

One user mentioned that this device is a cheaper way to manage blood pressure. Regular use has helped to maintain a healthy range of blood pressure, especially for those suffering from hypertension.